At Chasing Kaleidoscopes Peafowl, Poultry, and eggs we are a small poultry farm located in beautiful northwestern South Carolina. 

I grew up and spent much time at my great aunt and uncle’s farm in Texas, and they had many of the India Blue Peafowl. So I have always loved them and am comfortable being with them. They have an ethereal magical beauty, and they are so peaceful. I have always thought that they look like something out of a fairy tail — not something the we could actually have in our backyard. 

I have hanging chaise lounges in my flight pens so that I can relax, read a book, and just enjoy their beauty and majesty.

Because Peafowl are classified as Poultry, if your local laws allow chickens almost all allow Peafowl. Peafowl are happiest in pairs - a male and a female. You can pen them in a generously sized flight pen or free range them. There are pros and cons to both. I have a geodesic flight dome that is 28’ x 28’ x 14’. Another flight pen is 10’ x 50’. Peafowl are relatively easy to care for animals. You can get vaccinations for our birds, but personally we don’t. We do provide them with dust baths that include DE. We also put some on their food and in the pen. Our water and feeders are usually changed daily for adults, and twice or more for chicks.  The chicks and peachcicks are raised on wire so they don't come in contact with their waste.

We worm twice a year and also use Diatomaceous Earth in their pens, dust baths, and food to keep lice and mites away as well as a natural dewormer.

They have a reputation for being noisy, but really they are only noisy during breeding season, which lasts from April through June. We feed ours Mazuri game bird breeder food along with dried mealworms and Farmer’s Helper Ultra Kibble. All of these can be found on website. We don’t sell babies, but instead will raise the chicks and sell them as juvenile birds in the spring and early summer. When you think of a peacock you think of the kind with Blue necks, and long green trains. These are the India Blue peacocks, and they have been the National bird of India since 1973. In the past 20 years many  other colors have developed, and we have 19 different colors here at our home.

Because we are small and also retired, we do spend as much tine as we can with our birds.

We have a new endeavour, and that is taking out mature Peacocks to wedding venues during the receptions.  So far we are doing quite well, and their are photos in that section of the site.