India Blue is the most common color, and what most people equate the term “peacock” to mean. It originated in India and Sri Lanka, and has been the National bird to India since 1963. Despite its large size, the Indian blue peafowl, better known as the peacock, is incredibly agile and will run or fly to escape predators. The male peafowl is a regal, shiny blue with patches of white above and below its eyes. A blue-tipped fan of feathers crowns its head and its long train of feathers trails behind like a royal cape. Males display their train feathers in a beautiful fan in order to attract a mate. The female peafowl has less dramatic coloring and plumage—it is predominantly white and brown with a metallic green upper breast, and its train is shorter and less ornate. These guys have an easygoing and laid back temperament. If raised from a baby and well socialized with you they will be as an adult. Of course the exception to that is breeding season. We have a breeding pair of Indian Blue. Our boy’s name is Royale and the hen’s name is Tamara. We have two pea chicks from them this season so far, and more to come. One interesting fact about Peafowl is that they will kill snakes! How do they accomplish this feat? Peafowl have very sharp long claws and thick scales on their feet to help them in a fight with a snake. But when possible they will grab a snake right behind their head so the snake can longer squirm and try to bite the peafowl then shake the snake vigorously until the snake is dead. They are known to kill poisonous snakes in this manner. 

Indian Blue