White Peafowl are the rarest color. It is not true that white Peafowl are albinos. White peafowl display an ethereal bleached version of the classic peacock aesthetic, and it's arguably just as remarkable. These birds are usually not albino, as they're sometimes called, but rather leucistic, meaning they're born with a genetic condition that strips them—or parts of them—of pigment. Like the dove symbolizes the Holy Ghost, the white peacock is often meant to symbolize Jesus Christ himself in Christianity. In Buddhism, this bird symbolizes nirvana. In Hinduism—the most widespread religion in India, where it hails from—they are believed to bring luck and prosperity. Secularly, white has long symbolized cleanliness and purity, so a white peacock is associated with purity of mind and spirit. Our white Peacock’s yname is Finn and his two hens are Vixon and Dixon.