Java Green peafowl are often considered to be more beautiful and regal birds than the India Blue and all their mutations. The Java Green is the most vividly colored of the three green subspecies. Although the birds are beautiful, they are not easy to raise. Greens are flightier than blues, and can be aggressive towards humans and other birds. They also are very susceptible to the cold and need to be raised in heated or insulated aviaries during the winter in colder areas. However, if one can deal with these considerations, greens are very wonderful birds to own. 

Type of mutation: 

The Java Green is a subspecies of the Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus) a true type species. Javanese peafowl are found in the wild as well as captivity, but it is estimated only 1,000 or so survive in their native habitat. 

Peacock Coloration: 

Green peafowl are taller and leaner than the blues, and brighter in color. The crest is tall and tightly bundled. The facial skin includes a region of light blue and a bright yellow loral patch. The head and neck are metallic green, the shoulders bluish-green, and the abdomen a dark green. 

Peahen Coloration: 

Females are much more brightly colored than those of the India Blue. They are very similarly colored to the males, but the green are slightly muted and less brilliant. They do not have a long train with ocelli, and their tail feathers have a heavy dark barring. 


Java Green is one of the three subspecies of one of the three species of peafowl found naturally in the wild. They are the most commonly raised green subspecies in captivity. In the wild, they are found in Java and on the Malay Peninsula, but are greatly endangered.